Saturday, 13 February 2016

Valentines day games

Valentines day is a day of celebrations and love. This day is known for lovers. Lover spend their time with each other. They just want to make everything special on this day. So to do that they gift, pamper and go out for hangout together and all they want to make special. On valentines day some people prefer playing valentines day games. So that they can get more close to each other. And their harmony grows more. So for valentines day games we some times want to know new games. Sometimes it's good to play stereo type games. But new ideas brings more Harmony in relationship. So every of us should try valentines day games on valentines day. So that they can enjoy at the fullest. And can give their relationship a new romantic turn. So for valentines day games.  We always find ideas to play and games. So guys I am gonna help you in this.

I am going to share some games so that you enjoy these games and feel helped.

1. Surprise game

Make your valentines day special with surprise game. You can start from morning like when they wake up, place a morning note on their table like.
A) Good morning love,  happy valentines day you are special person of my life. I want to make this day special for you as special as you.
B) you are the beautiful person I have seen so far. Stay forever in my life and make my life as beautiful as you.
"Than you can put some note on their dressing table. Examples:
For girls"
" You are the most beautiful girl I have seen so far. Thanks to come in my life.
For boys"
You are most handsome and caring man in the world. Thanks for being in my life
Than cook the food itself on the dinner table you can place a note written like
 "food cooked for you by me"
Than plan a dinner and lunch out spend whole day together. Gift her and tell that you complete his / her world.

2. Paper dance:

Plan a evening together. In which food, dance, and nice lighting. You plan a dance with your friends and plan a paper dance.
Things required:
1. some paper
2. Nice music or good romantic numbers
3. Some gifts
How to play:
Pair the every couple in  two and spread the paper on the carpet. And let them dance. Every ten minutes do the paper short. And whomever wins award them with gifts.

So friends enjoy these valentines day games and make your valentines day special.  write us for your queries. And celebrate this day with lots of lots fun.