Saturday, 9 January 2016

Valentines day status for Whatsapp and facebook

Valentines day Facebook status, valentines day status updates, valentine day status for whatsapp 

Valentines day is really special day in one 's love life. Valentines day is a day when we tell our loved ones that how much they important to us. For that we put valentines day Facebook status on our Facebook profile. And whatsapp we change status valentine day status for whatsapp. To impress our loved ones and to wish our friends in one shot. Because if you message every single person to wish, still you must be needed valentines day status for whatsapp and valentines day Facebook status to impress your colleagues and friends. For that you have to get valentines day status updates. So for valentines day Facebook status, valentines day status updates, valentine day status for whatsapp. You have to find all this here and there. I made a solution for all your problems.

valentine day status

I am sharing here Valentines day Facebook status, valentines day status updates, valentine day status for whatsapp for you all.

Valentines day Facebook status

1. My barbie girl who is damn beautiful will come in my life on this valentines day. So I am waiting for her. Happy valentines day.

2. You have no idea how fast my heart beat when I see you. Happy valentines day.

3. To me you are perfect. (yes you) Happy valentines day.

4. My heart is perfect when you are inside. Happy valentines day.

5. I am not single, I am not take, I am simply just waiting for the one who deserve my heart. Happy valentines day.

6. There is 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you. I love you. Happy valentines day.

7. You are not my number one. You are my only one. Happy valentines day.

8. I will walk forever with you. Happy valentines day.

9. You are the light of my life I love you baby. Happy valentines day.

10. No matter where I am, what I am doing, when a thought come of you in my mind. I just smile. Happy valentines day.

Valentines day status updates / valentines day status for Whatsapp  

1. A girl takes too much time to love, but few seconds to hate. But a boy takes few seconds to love and too much time to hate. Happy valentines day.

2. Jindgi rude hai toh kya hum bhi dude hai. Happy valentines day.

3. I love that feeling when I see your smile. Happy valentines day.

4. My heart is yours and always will be yours. Happy valentines day.

5. True love is when you can't describe in words what you like in her. Happy valentines day.

6. Good things come to those who wait. Happy valentines day.

7. True love doesn't have happy ending. It never ends. Happy valentines day.

8. Yes I am selfish I don't like sharing you with other people. Happy valentines day.

9. My head says," who cares. " my heart says, you do stupid. Happy valentines day

10. Kitni ajeeb hai mere dil ki tanhai, hazaro kareeb hai par tum yaad aate ho. Happy valentines day. 

11. I wish love comes with like baby shampoo " no more tears". ;-) happy valentines day.

12. When I first met you, I never realised how much you will end up mean to me. Happy valentines day.

13. So much words to say I love you. But enough to say how much. Happy valentines day.

14. Chalo puri kaaynaat ka bataya karte hai, tum sirf mere or baki sab tumhara. Happy valentines day.
15. I think a part of me always think about you. Happy valentines day.

16. Tum ho lajawab, tumhari har cheez hai anmol.. Bus mere rehna.. Happy valentines day.

17. You are unlike other people I met. I love you. Happy valentines day.

18. I love things that makes you smile. Happy valentines day.

19. I would rather have roses on my table than diamond in my neck. Happy valentines day.

20. Zindagi me jung nafrat se nahi pyar se jeeti jati hai.. Happy valentines day.

Hope you all enjoyed these status and updates. So do comment us for any queries if you have. Stay happy and stay blessed. Happy valentines day. Thanks.

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