Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Hug Day messages, msg, messages for girlfriend

Hug Day messages, hug daymsg, hug day sms, hug day messages for girlfriend 

Hug Day is a day celebrated on 12 February in valentines week. On this day all girlfriend and boyfriend celebrate this day by hugging each other. So this day is called a hug day.  People who can't hug their boyfriend and girlfriend or the who can hug them send hug day messages,  hug msg, hug messages for girlfriend to impress her. And girlfriend pamper their love by expressing their feelings to their boyfriend for sending them hug day messages.

Hug Day messages, msg, messages for girlfriend

So to send the hug day messages we try find the hug day messages,  hug day sms so that they can tell their friends and family by sending a sms or message that yes we care for you. And we love you.  But as valentines day is most known for couples. So for those who want to send hug day messages or sms on hug day.

Hug Day messages, hug day msg, hug day sms, hug day messages for girlfriend :

I am sharing hug day messages, hug day msg, hug day sms here

1.  I can resist wrapping my arms around you. Happy hug day.

2. On hug day I got this super duper hug waiting for you. Happy hug day.

3.  Sending a hug to say. You are special. 

4. A big warm hug wrapped by my lot love. 

5. Sometimes it's better to put our feelings into hug than putting your feelings into words.

6. Sometimes a Hug you need to feel good. Happy hug day.

7. A warm hug to say take care.  Happy hug day.

8. I want you to get  a pin inch close to me. Happy hug day.

9. In your arms I feel safe and loved. 
Kiss me.
Love me.
And keep hugging me.

10. Even though I am away.
In my heart you are just on my next.

11. I will love you more and more every day. But not as much as tomorrow.  Happy hug day.

12. A warm hug for a warm person.  And it a huge hug when from you.
Happy hug day.

13. It's hug day, I just hugged you in my imagination. Hope you felt the squeeze. 

14. Just a warm hug from you makes my day.

15. I just wish you wrap me in your arms.
I just wish you say in ears I love you.
I just want to a mountain together with you.
I just want to be in you arms under the moon.
And would say.

Hope you guys enjoyed these hug day messages and sms. Do comment us more queries.
Happy hug day.