Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Hug day love messages, romantic sms, love sms, message for boyfriend and girlfriend

Hug day love messages,  hug day romantic sms, hug day love sms, hug day message for boyfriend, hug day message for girlfriend

How much of you know that hugs can give your mind peace? I think everyone so hug day for those who like hugging to their soulmates. As you know it's a new era where things like whatsapp and Facebook exist and we all are so much of addicted of it. So in case a girlfriend can't give a hug to his bf or a boyfriend can't give a hug to his girlfriend. They send a hug via Facebook or whatsapp.  

happy hug day messages

Confused? I meant via hug day sms or messages.  A girlfriend send a hug day romantic sms. And boyfriend send hug day love messages to their girlfriend.

So if we have to send a hug day message so we find it on Google so I am sharing some hug day messages for your every relation.

Hug day love messages / hug day love sms:

1. when  I hug you and find my world complete and secure.
     Please stay mine. Happy hug day.

2. Hugs are shrugs and when the shrug is you, I get a drug.
    Happy hug day.

3. Everyone need a hug daily to survive.
     I just want it as a drug of my life.
     Happy hug day.

4. You and I go complete when I hug you.
     I feel like this world is lucky to have me.

Hug day message for girlfriend

1. You came in my life
    and I felt like you made my life easy.
     Because every time I feel I have a new life
      my sweetheart, Happy hug day.

2. You are like star
    which I want to hold
     in my arms.
3. Hugging you makes me feel that I m alive.
4. Your hug is much more needed than oxygen for me.

5. I will hug you and say I love you.
    When I will become old because
    I want to grow old with you.

6. A hug from you is my reason to see life in a positive way.
     Have a nice hug day.

7. Hug is much better when from you.
   Happy hug day.

8. My Hugs are your shrugs.
   So wear it always. 
   Happy hug day.

Hug day message for boyfriend :

1. You are tall
     I am more comfortable in your arms
      Cause I feel like security here.
Happy hug day.

2. I wish I wake up every morning with  a hug from You.
      Happy hug day.

3. When I hug you I feel I got this world.
     Have a nice hug day.

4. My heart is perfect when it meets  your heart.

5. My heart pumps when you hug,
    my ways get open when you come in my ways.

6. There is a place in my heart which is only yours,
    All my body function when you hug me.

7. Take my heart and keep it safe.
       Hug me daily
        Kiss me daily
         I love you.
         Happy hug day.

So friends enjoy this day with lots of warmth.  Love your surroundings and stay beautiful. Do comment for your queries.