Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Chocolate day WhatsApp status

ChocolateDay,  a very important day for chocolate lovers. Chocolate day is a damn nice day to express our sweet feeling to our loveable people. And whatsapp status has lot more craze than anything. So all we want whatsapp status on chocolate day.  whatsapp status on chocolate day, we Want to keep our status very happening and cool. So we find and even try to create whatsapp status on chocolate day. So that we can impress our friends and family.  we want to dedicate whatsapp status on chocolate day to our love ones and special ones some times and to tell them how sweet they are for us.

chocolate day whatsapp status

I must say all you will feel very good when you wake up on chocolate day and see your special one or your boyfriend kept a whatsapp status on chocolate day. And your boyfriend calls you up and tell you darling see I put a whatsapp status on chocolate day for you. Hope you like.You will feel amazing and fantastic when someone do this for you. The same feeling goes to those whom you will make happy by putting a nice status to them. So friends for this you need a status.  And to impress you don't need to do a lot in this now cause we have made your work easy.

WhatsApp status on chocolate day

I am happy to share whatsapp status on chocolate day

You deserve a bar of chocolate. Because you are
1. Lovely
2. Attractive
3. Beautiful
4. My heart
5. Cute
6. A girl with a big heart
7. A person with good morals
8. Your smile is cute.
So eat a chocolate daily to appreciate you everyday.
Happy chocolate day.

A chocolate for the sweet and amicable person. Happy chocolate day.

You deserve a chocolate because
C- cute
H- hum
O - or
C- cute tum
O- one will
L- live
A- always
T- together
E- entire life.
Happy chocolate day.

My heart is pure for you as the chocolate is, just for you. Happy chocolate day.

True love can be found but a chocolate deliver it. Happy chocolate day.

This is a dairy milk status from a five star person and a melody reason for a kitkat time
Happy chocolate day.

Each chocolate is like our life. Some our crunchy, some have nut, some our dark. But all are delicious.
Happy chocolate day.

A chocolaty reason to wish a chocolate day.
Happy chocolate day.

Guys hope you all enjoyed all Whatsapp status on chocolate day. Do comment us for queries.
Happy chocolate day!