Monday, 18 January 2016

Chocolate day messages for girlfriend, 140 words sms, wishes, messages in Hindi

Chocolate Day messages, chocolate day messages 140 word, chocolate day wishes, chocolate day message for girlfriend, chocolate day messages, chocolate day sms, chocolate day sms in hindi.

Chocolate Day, it occurs on 9 February and this day we celebrate with our loved ones by sharing chocolates. We send them chocolate day messages too to wish them. Our loved one really expect us to wish them on chocolate day. We send chocolate day message for girlfriend along with a chocolate of thier taste. Some people like dark chocolate some like milk, some like simple chocolate. Some boyfriend like to send messages in words like chocolate day messages 140 word, 200 word,  crazy na. Chocolate day messages are like that we will send them image of chocolate  with chocolate day sms or chocolate day messages.

happy chocolate day

Yes my hindi lover friends like to send chocolate day sms in hindi.  So in every way people love to send chocolate day messages or chocolate day wishes to each other.

So for that we people need a collection of chocolate day messages. So that we can share it our friends. So yes here i have a made a collection of Chocolate Day messages, chocolate day messages 140 word,chocolate day wishes, chocolate day message for girlfriend, chocolate day messages, chocolate day sms, chocolate day sms in hindi, so that just copy and paste to the desired place.

Chocolate day messages / chocolate day wishes / chocolate day sms chocolate day message for girlfriend :

1. Life is like a chocolate box. The best ones are half eaten.
Happy chocolate day!

2. And here is me wishing you a chocolate treat. As sweet as you.
Happy chocolate day.

3. A calorie free hug on chocolate day. For a calorie less good times. Happy chocolate day.

4. None of the chocolate across the miles was sweeter than you or your lovely smile. Happy chocolate day.

5. You know what??? Chocolate describes you the best.. Because you are the sweetest. Happy chocolate day.

6. Lovely chocolate for lovely you. Happy chocolate day.

7. Sweet chocolate for my sweet friend.  Happy chocolate day.

8. A chocolate bite for you. My sweetheart happy chocolate day.

9. Sweet chocolate for sweet person like you. Happy chocolate day.

10. You are sweet as Cadbury.
Classy like Swiss chocolate.
Lovely as milk chocolate
And mine like my home made chocolate.
Happy chocolate day.

Chocolate day messages 140 word

You are my love like caramel in five star..
Your skin is like Cadbury silk..
Your attention like Swiss chocolate..
Your attitude like Bournville.
You are price less like home made chocolate..
You are good looking as Ferrero rocher..
My Love for you is like dairy milk..
You skin is as pure as milk chocolate..
Your are naughty like perk..
Amicable like kit kat..
And mine like my sweet chocolate..
Happy chocolate day..

 Chocolate day sms in hindi

1. Meetha intezar or  yaar se pyar..Bus aapka hi tha intezar..
Happy chocolate day..

2. Aap humare dost ho..
 Jo ki chocolate se bhi jyada sweet ho..
Ek chocolate jaise sweet friend ke liye..
Choti si chocolate..
Happy chocolate day..

3.  Pyari si chocolate.. Pyare se insaan ke liye..
Happy chocolate day.

4. Aapki pyari si smile..
Chupchaap hi kamal karti hai..
Happy chocolate day..

5. Aapko pata hai aap bahut cute or sweet ho..
Is chocolate ki tarah..
Happy chocolate day.

Hope you all enjoyed these messages and wishes.  Do comment us for your queries. Happy chocolate day! Thanks.