Saturday, 13 February 2016

Valentines day songs Bollywood & Hollywood

valentines day has knocked the door. You would be searching for song which you want to dedicate to your girlfriend or boyfriend on this day. For that you must find out from your collection for valentines day song. So I am making some collection of Bollywood and Hollywood songs. So that if you like you might play for your girlfriend or boyfriend whom you want to dedicate.
So here is the collection of valentine's day songs:

Valentine day Bollywood Songs

1. Subhan allah jo ho ra hai, pehle hua Na wallah- yeh jawaani hai deewani
2. Barish song- yaariya
3. Tenu itna mai pyar kara- airlift
4. Samjhava - humpty sharma ki dulhaniya
5. Tujhe dekha toh ye jaana sanam - ddlj
5. Na jaane mere dil ko, ye kya ho gaya- ddlj
6- mai rahun Ya Na rahun- album mai rahun Ya Na rahu
7. Thodi thodi kathayi si uski ankhen- heropanti
8. Awaz do humko- dushman
9. Ove jaaniya- katti batti
10. Ek din aap humko mil jayege - Yes Boss
11. Mai koi aisa geet gau- Yes Boss
12. Tumse yun milege - ankahee
13. Sun sathiya- abcd2
14. rang de mohe tu gerua - dilwale
15. Tu rang sharbato ka- phata poster nikla hero
16. Fir le aya, dile majboor kya cheez hai. - Barfi
17. Itti si hasi.. Itni si khushi - barfi
18. Tere meri kahani - gabbar is back
19. Tu jo mila- bajrangi bhaijan
20.  Kuch toh bta zindgi - bajrangi bhaijan

Valentine dat Hollywood Songs

1. Reason - hoobastank
2. You look beautiful in white - Westlife
3.  Somebody needs you- Enrique eglisias
4. I have always loved you- Enrique eglisias
5. May be- Enrique eglisias
6. Beautiful - akon
7. Love story- Taylor Swift
8. Blank space - Taylor Swift
9. Nothing gonna change my love for you.- Westlife
10. Hero- Enrique eglisias
So friends hope you liked the collection. And will dedicate these songs to your loved ones. Do comment us for your queries.

Happy impressing!

Valentines day games

Valentines day is a day of celebrations and love. This day is known for lovers. Lover spend their time with each other. They just want to make everything special on this day. So to do that they gift, pamper and go out for hangout together and all they want to make special. On valentines day some people prefer playing valentines day games. So that they can get more close to each other. And their harmony grows more. So for valentines day games we some times want to know new games. Sometimes it's good to play stereo type games. But new ideas brings more Harmony in relationship. So every of us should try valentines day games on valentines day. So that they can enjoy at the fullest. And can give their relationship a new romantic turn. So for valentines day games.  We always find ideas to play and games. So guys I am gonna help you in this.

I am going to share some games so that you enjoy these games and feel helped.

1. Surprise game

Make your valentines day special with surprise game. You can start from morning like when they wake up, place a morning note on their table like.
A) Good morning love,  happy valentines day you are special person of my life. I want to make this day special for you as special as you.
B) you are the beautiful person I have seen so far. Stay forever in my life and make my life as beautiful as you.
"Than you can put some note on their dressing table. Examples:
For girls"
" You are the most beautiful girl I have seen so far. Thanks to come in my life.
For boys"
You are most handsome and caring man in the world. Thanks for being in my life
Than cook the food itself on the dinner table you can place a note written like
 "food cooked for you by me"
Than plan a dinner and lunch out spend whole day together. Gift her and tell that you complete his / her world.

2. Paper dance:

Plan a evening together. In which food, dance, and nice lighting. You plan a dance with your friends and plan a paper dance.
Things required:
1. some paper
2. Nice music or good romantic numbers
3. Some gifts
How to play:
Pair the every couple in  two and spread the paper on the carpet. And let them dance. Every ten minutes do the paper short. And whomever wins award them with gifts.

So friends enjoy these valentines day games and make your valentines day special.  write us for your queries. And celebrate this day with lots of lots fun.

Monday, 8 February 2016

52 best chocolate day messages and status for whatsapp and Facebook

Chocolate Day sounds so tempting day. Because it includes the word chocolate and we all love chocolate. You all must be aware that girls like more chocolate rather than boys. So all the boys like to gift the girls you may say that girlfriend gift boyfriend chocolate and boyfriend gift girlfriend chocolate vice versa. On this day chocolate day girlfriend send sweet messages to their boyfriend so that a message would sound like chocolate. And many of us want to share best chocolate day messages and status for whatsapp and Facebook so that we can share and Impress our girlfriend or boyfriend.

So friends to help you I am going to share 100 best chocolate day messages and status for whatsapp and Facebook

1. A chocolate for the sweet girl like you. Happy chocolate day my love! I love you.

2. Chocolate is a best friend of girls cause when girls want to be happy they want to eat chocolates. So a sweet chocolate for a beautiful girl.

3. You are sweet like kit kat
     Crispy like perk
     Smooth like silk
     And adorable like dairy milk.
      Happy chocolate day.

4. You are so beautiful girl.
     So a beautiful character needs
      Beautiful thing
      A chocolate for the most beautiful person I know.
      I love you.

5. Chocolate says more than words.
    it says Unknown sweet words
   to the sweetest person I know
    Happy chocolate day my love.

6. You are the only one
    Who is more sweeter than chocolate.
    A sweet gift to sweet person like you.
   Happy chocolate day.

7. I heard that a apple in a day
    keeps the doctor away
     but I want to add like
    A chocolate in a day
   Keeps the stress away.
  Happy chocolate day.

8. Chocolate releases stress
    So gifting you a stress free chocolate
   To a smiling person
   I love you my smile
 happy chocolate day

9. Chocolate are the best way to say your feelings
     where without saying you speak a lot.
     Happy chocolate day

10. Sweetheart I am gifting a sweetest chocolate
     To the sweetest person I know
     Happy chocolate day.

11. Chocolate day is a best day to gift sweet chocolate
     To the best people you know.
     Happy chocolate day.

12. I heard that chocolate are the best friend of a girl
       So trying to gift a happiness partner to
      A happy person like you.
     Happy chocolate day.

13. Chocolate says that you are beautiful.
       You are cute.
        You are the wonderful person I know.
        Happy chocolate day.

14. You are my dairy milk
    My five star
    My perk
   My kit kat
   My Ferrero rocher
  my Swiss chocolate
 Happy chocolate day to my sweetest person.

15. The wonderful chocolate to the wonderful person I know.
     Happy chocolate day.

16. You turn my mood sweet.
    When you smile.
    I find your smile more sweet than chocolate.
    I love you
   Happy chocolate day.

17. You have spread the sweetness in my life.
    So sweet chocolate for sweet girl.
    Happy chocolate day

18. When I purchased this chocolate for you.
      I knew you would smile more I expect.
    While having it.
     Take this chocolate and smile forever.
     Happy chocolate day.
    I love you baby.

19. You are my most sweet chocolate.
     I have ever taste.
     I love you baby.
    Happy chocolate day.

20. Love is more sweeter when it's with you.
  Happy chocolate day.
  I love you shona.

21. Chocolate are the best way to say that
      you are most sweetest person
      I have met till yet.
       Happy chocolate day.

22. White chocolate says you are beautiful
      Dark chocolate says darkness will be disappear one day
      and Swiss chocolate says there is nothing more precious than you.
     Happy chocolate day.

23. The chocolate gives us reason to smile.
      So I am going to giving you smile.
      Happy chocolate day!

24. Sweet dreams comes if you are stress free
      My Love I heard that chocolate releases stress
     So giving you chocolate to live stressfree
     I love you and I care about you.
     I love you.
     Happy chocolate day.

25. My heart goes like mmmmh
      When I have your chocolates
        So just keep loving me
        And keep giving me chocolate.
        Happy chocolate day!

26. Chocolate are the best reason to believe
       That smile comes with sweetness.
       Happy chocolate day!

27. Meetha sa intezar or meetha sa pyar
   Ehsaas dilata hai ki tum ho meri dua
    Happy chocolate day!

28. Ek achhe din ki shuruat
      Ache meethe gift se
      Chocolate are the best way
     To gift anyone
      Happy chocolate day!

29. Anyone who is really nice
     A person who is damn adorable. 
     happy chocolate day!

30. Now and forever
    Chocolate will be the best gift ever
   Happy chocolate day.

31. I am so pleased to gift a sweet chocolate To a sweet person like you.
    Happy chocolate day!

32. A chocolate to a chocolaty person.
     A chocolate to a five star person
    A chocolate to a smile more sweeter than dairy milk.
   Happy chocolate day!

 33. You and I look as sweet as more than chocolate
      I  know you will raise my love every day
     So I would like to gift chocolate to the chocolaty person I know
    Happy chocolate day!

34. When you choose a sweet thing to eat
     I would love to be your chocolates.
    So baby be mine forever.
   Happy chocolate day.

35. Chocolate day message to the most loved and lovely person I know
 Happy chocolate day!

36. Chocolate to the wonderful, lovely,  beautiful, cute, cutest person I know.
    I love you.  
    I want you in my life for the rest of life
  Happy chocolate day!

37. Life is more sweeter
     When I have you.
     so a sweet gift to
     a sweet person like you.

38. My Love
    My heart
   my life
    My everything
  my sweet hug
 And hard bye
 happy chocolate day!

39.  A chocolate to a little beautiful looking girl
     Who look more beautiful when she eats chocolate
    Happy chocolate day!

40. The best thing in my life is you
     The best sweet
     The best taste
    The best you
  happy chocolate day fb
 I love you baby!!

41. So it's a pride to gift you a chocolate
     I am so fortunate to have a person like you.
     So stay mine forever
  Happy chocolate day.

42. Yes! May be chocolate are the best gift
      But I would make your life more than the best
      I love you baby
      Happy chocolate day!

43. When something goes wrong
     What is the best way to say
      Sorry is
     Gifting a favourite chocolate
     I says a lot more than the world says.
   Happy chocolate day!

44. The moment I saw you
       I knew you are the person I am
      Gonna make mine
       Happy chocolate day love!

45. You and I are the best one
      We can make our world best
     Happy chocolate day!

46. This life I want to grow and live with you
     Cause I find a reason a reason to live
    And the reason is you.
    Happy chocolate day!

47. The best thing I know in you
      You are more than sweet
     Happy chocolate day babu!

48. You are the best person
      I know
     The only thing I know
    I love you
     Can't live without you.
     Happy chocolate day!

49. Just be mine baby
      I love you so much
     Happy chocolate day!
50. Life gave me you
      I know you will gave the best reason to live
     I love you!
     Happy chocolate day!

51. The wonderful chocolate
     to the wonderful person I know
    I love you

52. My Love, my life
        I love you.
        Have a lovely day!

53. Today is a sunny day
       Just chill with hot chocolate
      Happy chocolate day!

54. Each time I am alive
     Cause of you
     I love you
       Happy chocolate day!
   Everyone I knew was so lovely
     I love you. Cause you are the loveliest
     Stay mine!
     Happy chocolate day!!!

So friends hope you liked all these best chocolate day messages and status for whatsapp and Facebook. I hope you will share with  your loved one. Enjoy this day with lots of chocolate.